Adventures With Ezekiel life with my Mitsubishi

It was with sadness that I had to say farewell to my beloved Toyota station wagon, but enter stage east, another beauty from the land of the rising sun.

The Toyota served me well for almost a year but finally came to rest in a ditch en route to Dargeville. Tyre blow out and catastrophic engine failure resulted in her untimely death, not to mention being pillaged of wheels, battery, radio etc which rendered her beyond repair.

I’ve had a love affair with station wagons for a long time and owned quite a few in my time. My first being a 1978 Cortina Estate, left hand drive, built in Dagenham and shipped to Jordan and then back to the UK. I’ve owned quite a few station wagons from an 1986 Audi 100 CC Avant and a 1994 Audio A6 Avant and now my latest, a 1996 Mitsubishi Legnum.

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