Upcoming Live Your Legend Talk Become the Super Hero of Your Own Life

I’ve been invited to share my story at the next Live Your Legend event on the 24th November where I’ll be sharing my This Is My Voice story and hopefully inspire others.


Jonathan Lyon is a former global advertising executive who now lives in Auckland.

He left the high flying world of advertising and pursued a path to happiness that couldn’t be more different from the life he led before.

In a little short of a year since he’s been in New Zealand, he’s taught homeless people photography, made a film about children with life threatening heart conditions in Fiji, helped tell the story of a woman planning to ride her motorbike around the World teaching prostitutes hairdressing skills and he’s also spoke at TEDx.

Jonathan will talk about the journey that brought him here and how If you want to go in one direction, the best route may involve going in another. This is the concept of ‘obliquity’: paradoxical as it sounds, many goals are more likely to be achieved when pursued indirectly. The richest men and women are not the most materialistic; the happiest people are not necessarily those who focus on happiness, and the most profitable companies are not always the most profit-oriented.

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